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By saying “Dead Computer”, I actually mean when your computer is really dead and nothing comes up on your screen with no sign of any power supply. I can not get my PC to work, its a HP, I turn it on the fan is going you can tell the screen is on but its black, I can not get anything but BIOS to work and that isn’t helping me out at all. I can’t get into safe mode because I never see the windows logo even. I have tried all the suggestions the most I get is words at the bottom of the screen telling me what I tried to do and it never goes past that.

The first internal troubleshoot checkpoint is PSU because that’s the one who converts and distributes the power supply. So, check your PSU’s voltage compatibility and then crosscheck the output power voltage. Now remove the main power cord from the computer and check for the power supply with the help of Multi-Meter Tester.

Clearly some garbage left over by automatically installing the new driver reacted with the latest Windows updates. I would recommend the following to anyone updating their Display Driver.

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Once that has all been completed try to reset your laptop. Just one thing to remember – all these commands take time to execute; be patient and let them fully complete. I was able to resolve my black screen of death by removing the extra video card from my computer. Ive just got a refurbished laptop that worked excellently for a week but then the screen flickered and went black. The “control alt delete” got a flicker of toshiba logo, but since then nothing at all.

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  • If you do not hear noise from the fans and the power lights on the computer are not on, the problem is related to the computer, not the monitor.
  • If the power light comes on, the monitor has power, skip to Check for fan noises, beeps, and power lights.
  • To troubleshoot a computer that does not start, see Computer Does Not Start.
  • Disconnect the video cable from the monitor and make sure the monitor power cable is plugged into a power outlet.
  • Go to HP Customer Support, and follow the instructions to find your product.
  • Disconnect all connected devices except the mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

Download the new driver, but don’t just do an automatic install. Use Display Driver Uninstaller to clean out the old stuff first. Also, give any updates from MS at at least a couple of weeks before using them. You can do this by setting your wireless link to metered connection in Windows. And I’m firmly convinced that MS programmers are nothing like as good as they were 10 years ago.

Machine seems to be working,fan etc, but no visible signs. Should I just send it back or could it be my unfamiliarity with W10 updates. To cut a long story short, I tried reinstalling the Display Driver, but first cleaned out the driver software using Display Driver Uninstaller.

The motherboard’s dense network of circuit connections make physical damage very hard to repair. Following our massive Fury X and Z170 motherboard feature pieces, we thought we’d take a moment to revisit some simpler how-to topics. Today’s guide shows how to jump a motherboard without connecting the PWR_SW header that goes to the case power button. Now, you’ll need to open the computer case to check where the problem is actually coming from.

Also unplug any optional devices not required to boot your computer, such as a secondary hard drive. If the computer boots up normally after that, the add-on card or device you removed was the problem, not the motherboard. The motherboard is the largest circuit board in a PC. Among many other devices, it holds the microprocessor and memory which are crucially important to the computer’s operation. It also has connectors for power, the hard drive and CD/DVD drives, and peripheral component interconnect express slots for video, network and other accessory cards.


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